Access Statement

Arrival and car parking

  • There are no marked bays but there is plenty of level parking adjacent to the main entrance.
  • The parking area has a solid mixed brick and concrete/gravel surface.
  • The front door is approached either via a 10cm/4inch step and ramp or 4x15cm/ 6inch steps.
  • The front door is 79cm/31ins wide and the threshold lip is 1/2cm/1/4 inch high.

Welcome Area

  • Guests are welcomed in the main lobby, which is level throughout.
  • The flooring is marble. There are no rugs.
  • The area is evenly and well-lit with both overhead and wall lighting.


  • There is one bedroom with twin beds, on the ground floor, with step free level access from the front door. On the first floor, there is one double reached by stairs only. There are 14 steps in total 20cm/8ins high with an average width of 25cm/10ins.
  • The door to the en-suite ground floor twin is 78cm/30ins wide. The upstairs door is 79cm/31ins wide.
  • The height of the bed from floor to the top of the mattress in the ground floor twin room is 65cm/25.5ins.
  • Both bedrooms are bright and evenly lit by wall and ceiling lights. Bedside lights are also in each room.
  • Both bedrooms offer the following; lighting as above, good colour contrast between the floor, doors and walls, oak wood flooring and flat screen televisions with remote control.

Bathrooms, Shower rooms & Toilets

  • Both rooms have en-suite bathrooms. The ground floor bedroom en-suite bathroom offers the following:
  • Door opening to the bathroom is 73cm/28.5ins.
  • The step into the shower is 25cm/9.75ins.
  • The toilet height is 40cm/15.7ins.
  • The vanity unit wash basin height is 84cm/33ins.
  • Well-lit with overhead lights and a light over the mirror.
  • Good colour contrast between the doors, floor, walls and towels.
  • The door to the bathroom in the upstairs bedroom is 73cm/28.7ins wide. It has similar lighting and flooring as above. The shower is not separate and is over the bath which is 62cm/24.5ins high and the bidet is 41cm/ 16ins high. The vanity washbasin is 84cm/33ins high. These bathrooms have good colour contrast as above.

Halls, Stairs, Landings, Corridors

  • Halls, stairs and landing are well lit using a combination of ceiling and wall lights.
  • There is short pile carpet on the stairs.
  • There is a continuous flight of fourteen steps to the first floor with a wooden banister on one side.

Dining area

  • This is situated on the ground floor with step free/level entry from the front door and stairs and contains a large dining table, four chairs and a dresser.


  • There are paved patio areas with steps or ramps surrounding the south, east and west elevations of the property.
  • The main garden area comprises some 3.5 acres of both level and sloping lawns and
    flower beds,a stream and an ornamental pond and rose garden together with a wild plot and small section of woodland.
  • The gardens are a “continuous work in progress” for Bill and Jayne and their gardeners. Guests are requested to consult with them prior leaving the patio areas as some parts of the garden may be best avoided at certain times of year and in particular the autumn when paths and bridges may become slippery. The garden is home to nesting birds and abundant wildlife which are best left undisturbed at certain times of year.

Additional Information

  • The nearest Mobility Shop is 2.5 miles away in Regent Street, Shanklin.
  • The nearest General Hospital with an A&E unit and walk in NHS is St. Marys’ Newport 11 miles away and the nearest Doctors surgery is 2.5 miles away. Please let us know if you require further information about these.