Freshwater Bay

Freshwater Bay is one of the most picturesque beaches in West Wight. There is sand below the low water mark and some sandy areas to sit if you walk to the more eastern side of the bay. There is also a rock ledge revealed at low tide at this side, which is great for rock pooling.
The Bay has been hewn from the chalk cliffs that surround it by thousands of years of exposure to the waves and the small river that runs from here to Yarmouth has now been dammed at this end, leaving a marsh in the hollow of the bay area, the river Yar flows northwards from here and the sea wall and coastal road prevent its egress to the sea.

Smugglers once used the caves around the bottom of the chalk cliffs that are exposed at low tide – if you wish to explore them it is best to find a local guide as you can become cut off by the tide. Kayaking is the ideal way to see them and the other small bays, Watcombe and Scratchells, that are also hewn from the chalk. This beach is popular for surfing and water sports and boats will moor offshore to come ashore.

One of the oldest beach cafes, The Freshwater Bay Cafe, sits on the road through the bay, selling ice creams, cream teas and some beach goods and sundries.

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